100,000th Nissan Leaf gets Studded with Coins, Sold in UK

Nissan launched the Leaf in most of the international markets during 2010. And recently, it sold the “100,000th Leaf to a British buyer based in Hampshire”. The 100,000th Leaf was a UK-built model finished in Tekna white.

“For such a revolutionary car, to achieve this sales milestone in such a short space of time is a major achievement,” said Guillaume Cartier, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, Nissan Europe. “Don’t forget that when Nissan LEAF was launched in 2010, the charging infrastructure was in its infancy. But that didn’t deter the pioneers who immediately appreciated the benefits of a purpose-designed electric vehicle”.

To make it more special, Japanese carmaker has done an exclusive job to its outer body, making it the one off on the planet earth. Men at Nissan showroom planted 50,000 two pence Sterling coins from UK and 50,000 two cent Euro coins from Europe (notching it to a total of 100,000 coins) on its whole body for conveying the message, how cost-efficient the Nissan’s Leaf is.  The job, took a team of three people and seven days to get completed. In addition, the same has also added a beefy weight of 504 kg to the car.

100000th Nissan Leaf gets Studded with Coins Sold in UK

The car is now displayed at Martins in Winchester.

One can view both the images of Nissan Leaf on our portal, and can leave the comment how do they feel about it when being studded with coins. We are drooling, what Nissan is planning to do on grossing another 100,000 mark of Leaf. Is it going to be the gold coins instead of currencies? What say…

100,000th Nissan Leaf gets Studded with Coins

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