2011 Bentley Continental GT unveiled in India

As soon as Maserati entered India, the Volkswagen owned company Bentley Motors also unveiled their 2011 Bentley Continental GT in India. Chris Buxton, Bentley’s regional director for India had mentioned in the press release that he thinks that the entire Bentley range would sell about 100 units in 2011-2012. He also mentioned that India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world with more emphasis on the sale of luxury cars. An average of 45 percent has been quoted for the rise of Bentley cars in India. For the global market though, Bentley are aiming at 7000 units for the year 2011.

The Bentley Continental GT 2011 model has been priced at Rs 1.9 crores. This price is ex-show room, Delhi. This new coupe will have a 12 cylinder engine and also achieve a top speed of 318 kmph, which only a few cars can claim to.

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