2012 Auto Expo Sees Host of Services and Products on Road and Car Safety

Car safety devices are becoming more integrated and synthesized, as challenges still continue in creating these systems lucrative and adoption varies across India. From being standalone independent systems, next-generation safety and sophisticated drive assistance systems are now incorporated with telematics, navigation and chassis systems for enhancing functional efficiency, and reducing total ownership cost.

The 11th Auto Expo has stands on driver assistance systems that help driver in detecting usually hidden obstacles on the road and help him take superior, informed decisions through tricky maneuvers. Firms such as Smart Key, Bosch and Technoton Sensors Private Limited have put up new age driver assistance and car security systems on display at the event.

Smart Key Company has introduced a vehicle security concept with keyless operations based on technology by Siemens PASE (Passive Start and Entry System). This system allows the driver to gain entry by automatically unlocking/locking the vehicle and subsequently allows starting or stopping the vehicle without using the keys.

2012 Auto Expo Sees Host of Services and Products on Road and Car SafetyBosch has launched quite a few driver assist systems like Electronic Stability Program that uses intelligent sensors for checking whether drivers steering wheel input communicates to the car’s travel direction. If it does, then it reduces engine torque for restoring vehicle stability. This approach allows Electronic Stability Program interface for generating an essential counterforce so that the car reacts as driver intends it to.

Bosch has revealed an Airbag control unit that comes with two peripheral acceleration sensors to detect side crashes and helps airbag to deploy instantly from the sides of the vehicle as well.

Bosch has also introduced smart anti-theft system or SMARTRA that offers interface between ignition key transponder and ECU (Engine Control Unit) and immobilizes vehicle in case of forced entry.

On the other hand, Technoton Sensors Private Limited has created something known as axle load sensors that help in cargo weight control and axle load control in vehicle tracking systems. With this sensor, the vehicle tracking system gets valuable information about time and location of unloading and loading the vehicle.

As much as road safety management is concerned, Hubert Ebner India Private Limited will be designing a motion picture on road safety, in association with Earth Matters Foundation, which will produce the much required awareness on road safety among masses in India.

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