Go Hybrid, Go Green: New Cars with hybrid technology at 2012 Auto Expo

In the milieu of rising ecological apprehensions and increasing fuel prices, cars, which are driven on green or hybrid technology have emerged to be crucial point at 2012 Auto Expo. The 11th Auto Expo undoubtedly offers a preview of how the Automotive Industry all the world identifies this issue and offers a solution. The Hybrid cars concept is creating new wave at exposition with manufacturing companies revealing a bevy of hybrid technologies and concepts.

Major sights at 2012 Auto Expo include biggest selling electric car of the world, Nissan Leaf, and ‘XL1’ concept of Volkswagen, which is powered by 0.8 liter engine generating 48PS of power. The potential of electric and hybrid propulsion technology as alternative to mainstream internal combustion engine has been efficiently utilized by Peugeot SA, a French automobile manufacturing firm by revealing the hybrid 3008. Volvo is introducing its hybrid bus and is eager on launching them on the roads of India for intercity transport.

Go Hybrid, Go Green: New Cars with hybrid technology at 2012 Auto ExpoMahindra and Mahindra, an Indian automobile manufacturing company will showcase array of Reva electric cars, Tata’s Manza as also Volvo of Sweden with hybrid buses. The biggest motorcycle manufacturing company of India, Hero MotorCorp is also introducing its first concept hybrid scooter, as hybrid concept effectively ventured into motorcycle segment.

The concept of Hybrid, albeit prevalent abroad since latter half of 90’s when Japanese manufacturing firms Honda used a concept for Insight and Toyota came up with Prius, has reached the Indian shores only recently. Clearly, the automobile manufacturing companies are betting big on eco-friendly vehicles and their fervor was obvious in conference organized by Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) called “Hybrid/Electric Mobility- Drive of the Change” on sidelines of exposition. Speaking on the conference, Mr. Sundareshan said that he believes with National Council on Electric Mobility in place as apex structure for promoting electrical and hybrid mobility in India.

Toyota Prius in IndiaThe Hybrid is fundamentally an electric vehicle that fuses internal combustion engine with electric propulsion system designed for producing low fuel combustion while improving prospects of smooth drive. The Modern hybrid cars are even more distinctive with enhanced technology of regenerative braking that converts kinetic energy of a vehicle into electrical energy, hence saving by itself the time needed for charging the battery.

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