2013 Micra Coming Soon, Says Nissan

Nissan Micra had been given a tight facelift to ravel the upcoming competition very easily, and now we see the Japanese are teasing it in the form of internet teasers that also says a “Coming Soon” caption in the end. It means a lot of thing is stored down the line, and while looking at the image an enormous amount of effort had been sent into the making to conclude this almost new face of their hatchback.

It was some days back when many of the journalists had reported about it reaching the Indian shores and they were also bestowed with the test drive of same. Their report work attributes, new Micra to boast the new end of safety features, in terms of two additional airbags apart from the existing two, and also the CVT gearbox with 1.2L petrol motor. Whereas, the diesel motor of 1.5L Renault marked K9K will be doing same with number of figures without making any technical refinements.

Launch is expected to do its job in the mid of July and deliveries will set to follow the routes by the same month’s end.

2013 Micra Coming Soon

Nissan Micra Cvt

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