2013 Vintage Car Rally Lavasa: Details and Images

On Saturday December 14, 2013, the vintage car owners from Mumbai drove their priceless possession to Lavasa, a hill station city in Maharashtra near Pune, for a Vintage car show. The show was organized by Indian Automotive Racing Club (IARC), in association with JK Tyre and Lavasa City.

Lavasa held the vintage car show for the first time.

Hopefully, the number of vintages that were meant to be seen there were quite lesser as per to our experience. As learnt, it was because of the breakdown of vehicles amidst their journey to Lavasa city, and also some other technical nags which illusion them before the ride in their respective garages.

Naming the vehicles, it was the brown painted Packard “One Twenty” which stole all the limelight of show with its massive appearance and convertible rooftop. While the others who made up the evening of this two-day event were American made (1957) Chevrolet Impala hard top and Chevrolet Impala soft top in red, WWII driven (1939) Volkswagen Tempo (Kubelwagen), (1966) Mercedes 250, (1963) Volkswagen Beetle, (1970) Triumph Herald, Sunbeam Rapier and many more.

2013 Vintage Car Rally Lavasa

However, the Volkswagen Kubelwagen of 1939 was the oldest in the show, retained in its original paint job and other components.

Giving the metals its original theme, organizers arranged the Jazz night on lakeside promenade of Lavasa city, alongside the space where vintages were parked. And twinkles of sparkling dark sky as well as the lighting extravaganza nearby the lake were sprinkling the gloom to the event during dark.

Talking a bit about Lavasa, it is hill station city built by Hindustan Construction Company (HCC) amidst the Sahyadri mountains. Spawned in an area of more than 10,000 hectares, Dasve lake and picturesque residential lake-facing apartments makes a one feel in Venice for some of the moments.

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