First Ever Range Rover (of 1970 make) to be Restored and Sold: Details Here

The Range Rover which is been posted in this blog is the first Range Rover built by the company. Though we knew that condition of the very first British off-roader is going through a rough patch, but the owner of it is learnt to restore the metal as soon as possible.

The said off-roader was manufactured in 1970 and Andrew Honychurch is the present owner of the vehicle. He bought it back in 2000 with its original license plate. There are number of corrosion that the vehicle is been went through, but he say the restoration job will sort it out.

As said, when Andrew bought this Range Rover it was missing its original V8, while the engine bay was gulped down with an engine from one of the Range Rover sedans. Hopefully, Mr. Honychurch searched for a right engine through years and luckily he got a one from some of the old chunks.

First Ever Range Rover (of 1970 make) to be Restored and Sold

Meanwhile, Andrew was heard saying, he will sell the vehicle after it will be restored. So those who are interested in buying ‘the only one of its kind Range Rover’ then they shall be ready to pay hefty amount of bucks. It’s because we found Andrew mentioning, he paid “£350 [$573]” for a getting a ‘correct fuel cap’ during restoration.

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