2014 Honda Jazz Rendered, More Likely to be Production Specific

‘Honda Jazz’ or ‘Honda Fit’, both the terms fits one sentiment, a hatchback from the house of Japanese which is powerful, cool, and spacious inside. Well, this was the specifications of present generation Jazz, but there are speculations going on in the market that new version of Jazz is coming soon and the neighbor Asians i.e. Japanese are propagating heavily on the upcoming version of Honda’s hatchback.

Again, one of their magazines had created a speculative rendering of the Fit that now joins the long trail of expectations which were left unsatisfied by some of the previous images. This one shows a lot of promises to be positive on the production spec, because the max-man and minimum-machine is depicted clearly on every aspect of the car. Nose looks bolder than before, and vertical slats on the front too is aggressive, giving a stance of grown-up dude. Narrow headlamps, meaty bumpers, wide yet sweepy windscreen, and above all the airy feel due to slim pillars, spikes up all the four corners inside. Large windows and impressive quality of metal will make this car a winner amongst all.

2014 Honda Jazz Rendered

However, the powertrain expectations goes more with the diesel apart from petrol – meant for just settling down as a part of the lineup, and that same Amaze borrowed 1.5L i-DTEC may engulf its bay too. We can expect it to be more beefy in aerodynamics than before, because the present generation Jazz looks a quarter ticket less than the other conventional Indian hatchbacks.

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