2017 to see the launch of Datsun Go facelift

The most affordable car from the Nissan stable in the Indian market, the Datsun Go, is ready to be seen in an updated version come 2017. This comes as a result of customer demands and expectations much like the Go NXT, which had better styling as well as add-ons. The facelift too is expected to be along these lines.

The Datsun Go hasn’t been selling extremely well since its launch and the car, which is spacious as well as competitively priced, is looked upon as under equipped and cheap. Moreover, it does not seem to have the frills that associated cars such as the Alto and the i10 have and therefore has been unable to draw first time car buyers.

2017 to see the launch of Datsun Go facelift

Nissan also has the Datun Redi Go hatchback in the pipeline and it is below the Go when it comes to pricing. Therefore it needs to showcase the Go as a premium buy to ensure buyers and to justify the higher price. Also, considering that the Redi Go would be on the CMF-A modular platform and is also likely to be styled better, the Go will really have to be pulled up in terms of its appeal to continue to remain relevant to consumers. However, where the Go will have a distinct advantage would be in terms of space, particularly rear knee as well as shoulder room making it the car to go for in terms of those looking for more space.

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