2021 MG Astor 1.3 Turbo Petrol Automatic | Drive Review | 1.3 Turbo AT

2021 MG Astor 1.3 Turbo Petrol Automatic | Drive Review | 1.3 Turbo AT

We review the 2021 MG Astor 1.3 Turbo Automatic variant. The MG Astor 1.3 turbo AT comes with a 1349cc three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine producing 140 HP & 220 Nm of torque. We have reviewed the savvy variant of the 2021 MG Astor. The turbocharged Astor is pretty quick for its proportions and it makes you forget that it has a 1.3-litre engine under the hood.

Prices for The MG Astor starts at Rs 9.78 Lakhs and go on till Rs 17.38 Lakhs, rivalling directly with the Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, Skoda Kushaq & Volkswagen Taigun.

MG Motor India’s MG Astor comes with a personal AI assistant and Level 2 Autonomous technology, which are both segment-first features. The MG Astor is offered in four variants, the base level trim-Style, Super, Smart and top of the line-Sharp. The most anticipated variant is the Savvy ADAS variant which has autonomous driving technology.

The MG Astor is an SUV that is small enough to tackle the narrow roads of a city and is intimidating enough to cruise on the highway. The MG Astor 1.3 Automatic variant when driven in the city during peak traffic hours will return a fuel efficiency of 8.5-9.5 kilometres per litre. While in smooth-moving traffic you can expect 10-12 kilometres per litre. We did not check the highway fuel efficiency but we expect it should return a mileage of 12-15 km/l.

The MG Astor is only offered with two choices of the petrol engine, a 1.3 Litre turbocharged and a 1.5 litre Naturally Aspirated engine. The turbo petrol MG Astor kicks out an amazing 140 Hp and 220 Nm of torque, which is punchy enough for a mid-size urban SUV. However, the Naturally aspirated MG Astor produces a humble 114 Hp and 144 Nm of torque.

The MG Astor with its Naturally aspirated 1.5L engine will be offered with a 5-speed manual or a CVT automatic gearbox whereas the turbo petrol MG Astor will only be offered with a 6-speed torque converter automatic gearbox.

The MG Astor gets three steering modes, Urban, Normal & Dynamic.

The MG Astor gets features like Auto Headlamps, Tilt Steering, Cruise Control, Leather Driver Armrest With Storage. The new MG Astor gets three interior options, Red Sangria, black ivory, all-black leather upholstery. The MG Astor also gets Panoramic Skyroof, PM 2.5 Filter, Push-button Engine Start/Stop with Smart entry, Rain Sensing Wipers.

The MG Astor gets segment-first feature the Level 2 Autonomous Driving Assist Features (ADAS) like the Intelligent Headlamp Control (IHC), Speed Assist System (Manual Mode), Speed Assist System (Information Mode), Lane Departure Prevention (LDP), Speed Assist System (Intelligent Mode).

We are really thankful to Jubilant Autoworks – MG Dealership- Kalyan Nagar in Bengaluru, who not just offered the opportunity to do a detailed review of the MG Astor but also offered a really warm and humble hospitality. We highly recommend you visiting the MG Kalyan Nagar dealership to experience the MG Products.

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