Hyundai i40 Art Car by Karim Rashid to Debut at Seoul Motor Show

Hyundai i-series had gained everything from success to profits and from brand image to upmarket perception, but a factor that is still left behind will now be fulfilled at the Seoul Motor Show.

The Hyundai’s remaining wish is nothing else but an ‘Art Car’. This all had been started by Vauxhall and Alfa Romeo which now this Korean carmaker is very keen to follow, after all Hyundai had also gain a good recognition in the global auto fraternity despite of not being hailed from some of the so called ‘advanced and developed countries’.

The man behind the new creative perfection is Karim Rashid who had deployed triangular and rainbow shapes for highlighting “speed and movement”.

Hyundai i40 Art Car

“Karim Rashid’s creative design philosophy and the unique individuality of Hyundai PYL (Premium Younique Lifestyle) brand represent a perfect match. Hyundai will showcase the Hyundai i40 Art Car and a special design collection to offer visitors of the Hyundai booth at the Seoul Motor Show a variety of entertainment,” said by Won Hong Cho, Chief Marketing Officer of Hyundai.

A wrist watch, a backpack and a tumbler will also be the part of “Karim Rashid’s Special Collection of PYL” at the paddock.

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