Celebration Editions Launched by Tata Across its Range

Celebration Editions of most of its cars has been announced by Tata in a bid to usher in the festive season and give a boost in its sales. In terms of mechanics, the cars are pretty much the same, but there are certain cosmetic changes which make it look all the more festive.

There is an interior add on pack as well as exterior update. This includes a “Celebration Edition” bade, various stickers as well as bumper corner protectors. The interior changes include steering wheel covers, leather seat covers as well as floor mats among others.

Among the beneficiary cars include the Indigo, Nano, Bolt, Zest and the Safari. Tata will look to boost sales as it has not been doing extremely well particularly with the Nano and other small cars. The Bolt has livened spirits to some extent and Tata will be looking to ensure that this festive offering is a hit and gets them more buyers.

Tata Motors is also providing festive discounts when it comes to what these accessories are priced at. The additional cost of getting the “Celebration Edition” package above the standard edition of the car is as below:


Indigo Celebration Edition (Standard) – Rs.7,000

Indigo Celebration Edition (Premium) – Rs.10,000

GenX Nano Celebration Edition (Standard) – Rs.10,500

GenX Nano Celebration Edition (Premium) – Rs.24,999

Bolt Celebration Edition – Rs.12,900

Zest Anniversary Edition – Rs.15,000

Safari Storme Celebration Edition – Rs.34,999

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