At Rs 1.6 Crore, Mukesh Ambani’s BMW 7-Series Is RTO’s Costliest Registration

When got chunk of money, he can push that ordinary to the expensive for no reason, except that someone is willing to pay more than the deserved rather than it is worth for. This is the culture followed across the world, with riches of every terrain following the same ideology to make their vicinity an expensive lawn. However, no exception for this billionaire of India, Mr. Mukesh Ambani, the top boss of Reliance Industries (RIL) has paid a whopping amount of Rs 1.6 crore as the highest registration fee for his armoured BMW 7-Series. The amount was received by Tardeo RTO of Mumbai, and was quoted as the highest until date as received by any of the transport offices in the city. The armoured flagship sedan BMW costs Rs 8 crore, and as per the rules 20% of the vehicle cost amounts to registration fees.

However, the armoured 7-Series in Germany is pegged at Rs 2 crore, but due to import duties and other taxations the price plunges by 300%. Technically speaking, the armoured vehicles need special attention and some additional amendments, which with the lack of those provision such vehicles aren’t manufactured in India, and they are imported from international markets.

At Rs 1.6 Crore, Mukesh Ambani's BMW 7-Series Is RTO's Costliest Registration

Hence, the cost of this vehicle is raised exorbitantly, as they say some alterations are made inside out taking the safety concerns of Mukesh Ambani into the account.

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