Audi A3 spied once again in India

Audi A3 which had been spied recently is caught one more time on Indian shores. It is the Autocar India this time who had taken the honor of spying it again in India. That too without any sort of the camouflage, A3 is dared to do test rounds on our shores.

The latest image is taken from the rear position, and the tail lamp is also seen lighted. It now seems something unobvious with the tail lamp cluster because the trending on it looks outdated from that of the Audi’s pattern. But hopefully need not to worry; those same ones are found to be there on the optional list of particular model in the list of Audi Germany.

However, it is the price which is most expectedly said to do the job of peak selling point here. And when got to learn it from the Michael Perschke, (Audi India Head) it is said Ingolstadt based carmaker planning to launch it below Rs. 25 lakh that too by the start of next year.

Audi A3 spied
We are not sure about the Germans of importing A3 in the CBU form or may assemble the CKD kits here in the local manufacturing. It will be worth the wait to watch what shape the competition will take place with Mercedes Benz and BMW when they will find fins of finest Ingolstadt touch on Indian shores.

Image Courtesy: ACI

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