How to operate the BMW’s Pedestrian Detection System

Every car nowadays seems to be lugged with ample of features. And along with the features safety comes accompanying too. But to be true, sometimes we had a strange feeling in our mindset, why this car companies provide so much of features in a car, which in return is also eats up the car’s battery tremendously. That in return one needs to get at the bay of service center again and again. Hopefully, our real concern of disgracing the car’s new technologically advanced features is not the battery, instead we had sometimes found ourselves stuck in a fuss over the usage of those “new advanced and features”. Once in the Europe when we were crossing the highways, which actually we don’t do in the night time, there we felt need of the Pedestrian Detection System, which was there on our car i.e. a BMW of 2013 make (did not felt the need to mention the exact model yet). Disappointingly, the car was new to us and we were dangling the how to deal it out. Then there itself we made a call to one of our friend in who then made us guide us successfully. After reaching the destination, we asked him how he was manageable to give us the right inputs despite being not endowed with the car at the eyes-front. He then replied very annoyingly it was this video on YouTube which had actually helped him to get us out of the fuss.

That’s the reason this post we had posted on our blog so that next time anyone out there if get struck on some deadliest stretch of highways, like we got into a one, and wanted to creep out safely from it, then it could help them to make the most of it from a 2013 BMW’s Pedestrian Detection System. Don’t be disappointed, we are not leaving the section explained half-bloodedly, mentioned below are some of the tips that we had garnered from this video.

Firstly, the detection system functions on the basis of two different cameras, a night one and a day one.   The Night Vision system use an infrared camera positioned which is placed in front of car and with the mechanisms of infrared it puts the entire cranking thing into function. The Pedestrian Warning system that works during the day applies a standard camera to the work, but applies brakes in case of an emergency to avoid collisions.

How to operate the BMW's Pedestrian Detection System

However, the Pedestrian system is switched on in the 2013 BMW by the default itself, but if one feels the need to kill it off then it has t be done manually using the iDrive menu. Now, don’t ask where’s is the iDrive menu been popped up from, for this get into the video to know more of the details. Let us remind you, once if you switched off the car, and then again had started it, again by default the Pedestrian Detection system will be activated, which to switch it off one need to do the all said actions one more time.

Very importantly, the Night Vision system doesn’t need the Pedestrian Detection function to be activated, in order to work, which we came to know after watching this video itself.

That’s not it, if there felt the need to view scene from the night vision camera on the car’s navigation screen, then the moon and road button located on the left side of steering wheel need to be pressed and it’s all there in front of you.

Hopefully, if the detection system detects any of the pedestrian obliging your way suddenly or by any other means then it applies the brake automatically. But this happens only on the daytime detection system, not on the night ones instead.

The gist of all, if any of the detection system (maybe day or night) detects a pedestrian on the road, it then sends the audio and visual to the driver on his instrument cluster. And if one is viewing it in iDrive screen of his BMW then the yellow colored mark is shown on the screen resembling a pedestrian there ahead on the road. But once again, we tell the Night Detection system doesn’t apply brake when it detects the pedestrian, while daytime functioning does. Overall, one is advised to not solely rely on the automatic braking of the BMW’s Pedestrian Detection System.

Indeed that this system fallen additionally on our pockets in the country where we were driving this BMW, here we say it was worth deploying a one in the car. Because seeing the trend in India, someone may feel that it is not required for any of the BMW cars here because most of them are chauffeur driven. Despite this sort of analytics, sometimes it happens one also tend to drive it out any of the given scenario to suit his type if mood, and then this sorts of features fall tempting on the driver’s seat to follow the trait of road norms.

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