Audi Q1 Mini SUV Likely to be launched in India

German Auto Manufacturing giant Audi is all set to tap the under 4 meter segment of the Indian market. Their new offering is the Audi Q1 Mini SUV. This mini SUV which will be available in petrol and diesel models is expected to create quite a ripple in this segment automobile market.

Though the manufacturer is tightlipped about its features, it will most probably be designed on the lines of A1 hatchback platform, with a 1.2 and 1.5 liter petrol and diesel engine respectively. While Audi is most certainly to house a Volkswagen diesel engine, the petrol engine would be TFSI turbocharged. This is a paradox where subtle competition is concerned as it is no secret that Volkswagen has about 20 % stake in Suzuki.

Audi Q1 Mini SUV

Audi has sensibly kept the car under 4 meters to avail of laxer excise duty and though it will import parts from Europe it plans to produce these models locally, thereby  qualifying for more tax concessions, which would be passed on to the consumers. It is expected that the Audi Q1 mini SUV could be priced anywhere between Rs.12 to Rs.15 lakhs.

Going by the Q series, which Audi has so successfully launched all over the world and the high standards which it sets for itself, it is quite certain that this mini SUV will be loaded with all the Q series goodies like the panorama sun roof, Audi xenon plus headlights with LED daytime running light, leather seating and inlays decorated with wood paneling. Audi prides itself in incorporating safety features and it is likely that the Audi Q1 Mini SUV will come with dual stage airbags for the driver and front passenger and side airbags as well. The braking system would probably add in rear disk-front ventilated.

Though at present it is pure conjecture, this model could have a four-wheel drive transmission and an optional two-wheel drive as well.

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