Chevrolet plans to launch MPV “Enjoy” by mid-2012

Over the past few years General Motors have made a mark in the Indian market by launching its variants on Indian roads. Out of all other car-makers who come under General Motors, Chevrolet has emerged as an off the hook choice of customers with their wide range of models starting from Aveo U-Va to Forester. They have manufactured almost all types of cars from hatchbacks to sedans and sports utility vehicles (SUVs).

Recently Chevrolet showcased its MPV in Auto-Expo, 2012 which caught loads of eyeballs. The makers of MPV took a lot of time deciding a justifiable name for the car and ultimately came up with something as simple as “Enjoy”. Thus now the MPV will be known as “Enjoy”. General Motors decided ascertained that the name goes well with the characteristics of the car and the features it has to offer. Initially General Motors came up with the name MPV but considering the fact that same cars are known as MPV in China so General Motors made it a point to come up with a new name and thus “Enjoy” came into being. The demand for Enjoy is seeing an impressive rise owing to the fact that it has Toyota Innova and Mahindra Xylo as its competitors but its price is relatively lower than them. The price range of MPV “Enjoy” has been fixed at Rs 5-6 Lakhs which is less than that of Innova and Xylo and thus will increase the demand in the Indian market.

Chevrolet Enjoy

Initial speculations were rife about Chevrolet launching only Diesel models in the Indian market but now the vice-versa has been confirmed by General Motors which has ascertained that petrol variants of the model will also be rolled out onto the Indian roads preferably along with Diesel variants. Initially Chevrolet plans to roll out the petrol variant and will then launch the diesel variant after analyzing the sales of the model. The diesel comes with a tuned 1.3 L multijet engine whereas the petrol variant comes in 1.4 L gasoline engine. The petrol variant is said to give an impressive horsepower of 96 bhp which is in par with the configuration of Chevrolet Sail.

Ever since Chevrolet brought Aveo to India, people have given positive response to the petrol model and have acknowledged the manufacturing of the car. And now by introducing MPV Enjoy to the Indian customers and that too in a petrol model, Chevrolet aims to sell maximum units of MPV once they launch it in mid-2012. There are many other cars lined up to be launched into the Indian market by Chevrolet. Out of these, MPV Enjoy has been highly anticipated and following the Auto Expo people are waiting to get their hands on the keys. Once MPV is launched Chevrolet plans to critically analyze the sales process and demand in the market.

Thus those looking forward to purchasing this car will have to wait till mid of 2012 and then “Enjoy” the experience of being inside a Chevrolet.

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