Audi Q3 clocks 400 bookings in first week of launch

Audi India rolled out its third product of the year, the Q3 SUV after a long anticipation. After the TT and A4, there was a lot of momentum built in the industry and the German automaker adapted to new marketing techniques to promote its new product.

In just a week from its launch on 6th of June, the Audi Q3 has clocked over 400 bookings in the Indian market. Although there are bigger numbers recorded earlier, it is surprising to see that the SUV pegs 30 lacs, which is much higher than other products in its class, and the Ingolstadt brand has only 19 dealerships across the country.

Audi Q3 clocks 400 bookings in first week of launch

Sadly, that leaves only 100 more Q3 SUVs left, as Audi India had announced only 500 units in the first phase. Looking as the immense response, the German auto giant may consider rolling out more units in its second phase.

Audi assembles the Q3 SUVs in its Aurangabad plant via CKD kits. In the market, the BMW X1 is its closest competitor, which has a friendlier price tag and sells 500-800 units a month. With the sensation the Q3 has created in the market, BMW will have to device new tactics to launch the upcoming X1 facelift.

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