Audi Q8 Rumored To Hit Markets Shortly & Challenge Range Rover Sport

As per reports, auto giant, Audi wishes to fill each and every possible sport utility vehicle and crossover position from Q1 to Q8.

At this year’s (2013) Shanghai Auto Show, the company’s development Chief Wolfgang Dürheimer threw some light upon the topic.

As per the reports, the Audi  Q8 will give tough competition to the well known Range Rover Sport.

The report added that the Q8 could be commercialized as a high-end version of the A8 and would ride on the MLB podium that will join the future Toureg, Cayenne, and the Lamborghini Urus in addition.

Audi Q8 Rumored To Hit Markets Shortly Challenge Range Rover Sport
Dürheimer said, “We can go bigger than we have with the Q7, and we can all witness that this segment is on the increase.”

“The company has the largest sport utility vehicle in the collection, and I don’t perceive any cause to alter that,” added Dürheimer.

The tale goes that the company will essentially build up the framework of the novel A8 sedan and place it down on a modified edition of the MLB stage.

If the company wished to observe it attain the prominent sales goals Audi has positioned upon itself, perhaps a near halo-like sport utility vehicle isn’t the precise approach to go.

Certainly, we still hope the company plowed ahead with the R8 V12 TDI, so keep watching the space for more updates on Q8.

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