Audi S4 TFSi in India: Review

Rolling over the roads here in India, there are many of us who are self-confessed Audi fanatics. Just like when we were young and automobile freaks, our heads turned with a gasp even if a Honda CR-V overtook us. But there are some of us who have earmarked themselves as true worshippers of the Vorsprung Durch Technik. So now even if the basic model of Audi races ahead of us, we become ecstatic and full of unison. But a certain class of Audi still has to make its concourse towards India and this is the S-Class. Audi has a range of sedans as well as SUVs treading here in India and all of these are class apart. The S-Class is yet to make a name here. June seemed to be a prospective month for Audi since the German automobile heavyweight decided to roll out Audi S4 TFSi into the thriving Indian automobile market. Audi S4 is one of the first models of the S-Class in India and this very model will be a sports car. The car was revealed during the Auto Expo held in New Delhi this year. Thus, for those who are speed enthusiasts, S4 TFSi fulfills all the expectations. Now let us ponder over the specifics of Audi S4 TFSi.


The external design of Audi S4 is dynamic and the front fascia compliments to the trademark of Audi. The trademark Audi grill is present and the headlamps fitted to Audi S4 are powerful. These headlamps have been fitted with LEDs which function during day-time. The shape of the car is sleek which in some manner has been done in order to support and assist the aerodynamic system of the car. These curves seem elegant and give an altogether divergent and discreet look to the car. The aerodynamics of the car is something that the designers kept in mind since there is a very general notion amongst sports-car makers to design their cars in a sleek manner so that air does not barricade the motion of the vehicle. The tail lamps of the car have been brilliantly designed with the help of LEDs which can run during day-time. Thus both the headlamps as well as the tail lamps of Audi S4 TFSi have LED lights attached to them. There are two exhaust pipes both of which are chrome-finished. Audi S4 TFSi has large 18-inch alloy wheels which have shiny spokes in them. These spokes compliment to the appeal of the car and Audi is always known to accentuate the elegance in its cars. Audi S4 TFSi is known to have one of the most impressive looks and this is the reason why it stands above all the other cars that come in its league. The overall outlook of the car reflects a lot about the technique which Audi uses to embark an impression amongst its enthusiasts.

Audi S4 TFSi Review


If the exteriors of Audi S4 TFSi are classy, then the interiors are no less. There are a lot of new features that Audi enthusiasts have not yet seen in the other Audi cars. These will be seen in Audi S4 TFSi. The interiors of Audi S4 are equipped with state of the art features and the cabin has enough boot space for the passengers. The comfort level of Audi is never ever compromised on the basic grounds of the luxury that the car offers. The seating arrangement of the car has been done in such a manner that it does not hinder the functionality of the ergonomics of the car which are operating below the seats. There are a lot of adjustments that can be made for the seats as per the convenience of the passengers. The combination of colors that has been used for the cabin clearly highlights elegance and luxury.

Audi s4 tfsi interiors


Exterior as well as interior features are not the only commendable points of Audi S4 TFSi as there is a lot of power that the sports car has under its hood. Audi S4 TFSi is powered by a 3 Litre 6-cylinder TFSI petrol engine that has the capacity to deliver a maximum power of 337 bhp along with a peak torque of 440 Nm. Attached to this powerful engine is a 7-speed S-tronic gearbox which is the reason why the car delivers break-neck acceleration of 0-100 kmph in flat 5 seconds thereby achieving a top speed of 260 km/hr. The comfort level of the car is never ever compromised even if it is moving at a breakneck speed. The engineers of Audi have ensured that the handling of the car is in any way better than all other Audi sedans though there seems to be a tough competition amongst them on the basis of handling. The car has a very sophisticated suspension system that helps it to tread smoothly over speed breakers or rough terrains. Tires of the car have been designed in such a manner that they always stay rough and tough. Durability is optimum and any Audi S4 TFSI buyer should always expect the car to have the best traction control which bares the car to skid off the road under any circumstances.

Audi s4 tfsi engine


The features that Audi S4 TFSi comes laden with are surely commendable. There is a lot that the luxury sports car holds for its owners. Some of the features among these are Passenger seat having adjustable power lumbar support, 8-way driver and power-passenger seat, Multi-level heating driver’s seat, Rear ventilation ducts having fan control, split-folding rear setback, Three-zone climate control, Front console with storage, Cruise control etc. From the safety point of view there are various features that have been put into Audi S4 TFSi. Airbags are there for both the front as well as rear seats. In case if someone is trying to break into the car, then Audi has equipped S4 with Remote anti-theft alarm system which immediately sets out a loud as soon as there is even the slightest indication of forced entry. Audi S4 TFSI gives a mileage of 10 kmpl which is ARAI certified. The car is available for Rs. 45.31 Lakhs (Ex-showroom price).

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