BMW GT 3 Series is India bound

“GT” may have been a dream for many in India, but due to high necked prices, it restrained the buyers from possessing a one in down the line segment. Now finally we coughed up a news on internet which says, “BMW will roll out the 3 Series GT here in India by the end of this year.” After learning about it in detail, our excitement top notched some of the hillock and it made a growl from there, “Yes we can afford a GT too!”

Lest of some insane, the idea of launching a GT in the starting range is not bad at all. BMW may use the terms ‘delighting coupe’, ‘affordability’ and ‘aggressiveness’ if asked to speak about the GT in just three simple words. Truly, the 3 Series GT may find a number of buyers if launched appropriately as per to the pocket of targeted audience. Hence, the rear windscreen attached bootlid, high head and leg room for front and rear, and some instant drama on its engine numbers, makes this vehicle to stand out alone from the entire cluster, and compels to depict its own wisdom pro-actively. Ample of boot space, and high raised driving posture makes it a perfect day-to-day (as well as the weekend) car to drive out there on the roads of India.

BMW GT 3 Series
Soothing to our tarmacs, the BMW’s 3.0-litre straight-six diesel for the badge of 330d, and the four-cylinder to confront 320d will be seen in the Bavarian’s GT league on our shores. The 0-100kmph will also be magnificent in approximately near to seven seconds time. Meanwhile, we cannot completely assure the 3 Series GT will be a head turner for our audience; but it’s better to not expect the admiration like that of the 5 Series GT, which is completely a class apart. The 3 Series GT will feel like a incomplete hybridization of two certain segments, an entry level sedan and a crossover, but after watching a couple of them on the roads the onlookers may get used it, unlike which they were finding difficult to get it soaked completely in the initial sightings.

BMW GT 3 Series Interiors
Hope so the launch by the end of 2013 will be able to tell what the output of admiration for 3 Series GT will be. In the meanwhile, BMW just needed to keep its fingers crossed, because the Indians hadn’t experienced such a class in the entry level range before, which may cue that they may take some time to absorb it completely in their fraternity.

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