Auto industry tries to attract buyers with huge discounts

Price rise is not working with the auto makers are most of them are now becoming generous in terms of offering discounts and freebies to compensate the increase in the prices in the January 2013. The increased prices had negative impact on the sale figures and have forced the companies to offer exceptional discounts and freebies against the purchase of the car, to increase the car sales and clear the accumulated inventory. To attract attention of buyers discounts, freebies and cash offers have been withheld against the cars somewhere from Rs. 35,000 for the popular cars to Rs.2,00,000 for the premium models.

The best selling model from Maruti, the Maruti Alto 800 is offering a paid 3-day trip to a holiday destination in the country for the customers. To avail the trip benefit buyers will have to pay Rs. 1,399. Meanwhile Volkswagen Vento is offering itself at just half of the price for now, remaining of which can be paid next year. Other than this, many automakers are luring buyers by giving them interest free loans.

Auto industry tries to attract buyers with huge discounts

Speaking on the issue, Honda Senior VP for Marketing and sales, Mr. Janeshwar Sen said that company is currently concentrating more on the Honda two-wheeler owners with the Rs. 20,000 of loyalty bonus on any car purchased by them. One of the officials from Hyundai Auto India said that this discount and freebie scheme has appeared after a long time and is expected to boost the slow sales.

According to the Auto industry experts, the desperation of selling cars from the auto group can be attributed to their targets forecast for this fiscal year and offering some discount can be the only thing that can excite some potential buyers.

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