Big Used Car V/S Small New Car – What To Buy?

If you want or wanted to purchase a car at any point of time in your life then I’m sure you might have felt the same dilemma which even I have felt that whether to buy a bigger older car or a brand new small one. The former will be equipped with all sorts of comfort features, with a bigger brand name attached to it but it will be old and used. While if I purchase a new car it’ll be all mine, I might not feel content about the features provided inside the car but I’ll be surely content about my name attached to the car as its sole owner. After thinking for a long time I decided not to purchase a car. Did I say not to purchase a car? Sorry, I meant not to purchase a new car and I did purchase an old bigger better equipped car.

Before purchasing the old car I had to tackle many phases attached with purchasing its purchase and my first obstacle was to defend myself as to why I should go for a big old car and not a new car, so as my defence I collected various reasons. The main reason behind such idiotic yet wise thought was the money involved in it. I could have easily purchased a two year old big car and yet saved money on it. See you don’t have to pay those extra insurance and other costs. The second reason is the same I’ve been saying it since the start of the article i.e. you can get a bigger and better equipped car in the same amount in which you’ll get a brand new small car (which you are thinking to purchase). There are many dealers that sell the certified used cars which ultimately mean that these vehicles or cars are certified by the company that it is in good shape and they also guarantee that these vehicles will run for ‘such and such’ specified time. Then there is a warranty offered in some of the used car agencies where they cover the used certified cars (now who won’t fall for that) and also there is always a luck factor attached to the used car as in if you are lucky enough then who know that you might get barely an old car in just the price of any other old car.

The obstacle which was standing my way was the basic checks required before purchasing a used car. I basically was dumb at any such discussion and somewhere deep down inside of me this was one of the prime reasons why I wanted to purchase a new car. I knew that anyways I’ll get a good deal if I purchase a new car but there will always be a risk attached to the second hand cars. But then I figured out that practically I was just scared and nothing else. There are hundred of certified used car dealers in your city who will guide you through each and every process. But still the things you need to make sure about the used car you like are firstly the paper work which incorporates the insurance papers, service history and registration papers. You should check them even before taking a test drive because if the paperwork is not proper then there is no point in taking a test drive or even thinking about it. Then you should check whether there is any uneven panel gaps, colour variation and corrosion on the body parts which will give you a fair idea that how the car has been used. One must thing that should be checked is that there must be enough tread available on the tyre.

The third obstacle though I won’t call it an obstacle was the question whether I should buy it from a certified car dealer or not? But then I realised that actually I should. When one purchases a used car, there is always a risk involved to it (always). If you know the seller directly and you have good relations with him then it’s ok. But if that is not the case then my advice would be to go to the certified dealers rather than going for the seller directly. The prime reason for such advice is that the cars that are sold by the certified used car dealers are tied and tested. It’s been inspected thoroughly and then only kept for sale. The problematic area has been repaired and a factory based warranty is added to all the cars for sale in the certified used car dealer showroom. This gives you immense peace of mind. It certainly saves your time and energy. Another benefit of the certified used car dealers is that the car will be equipped with the genuine spare parts. Which in turn refers to core reliability and a perk attached to such purchase will be the higher resale value attached to the car when you will sell it.

Almost after 2 months of solid inspection I purchase the car finally. But now the problem was people around me were giving their valuable yet so invaluable advices that I should add additional accessories to the car. I didn’t know what to do whether to take advice or not. Then I thought that what will be the output of those additional accessories. And I figured out that it won’t affect the resale value in any sense. So it was better to avoid those. But those who want to add some of the additional accessories then they should be wary of installing them. Consider only the genuine and reliable products and also attach such accessories that will increase the resale price of the car like GPS tracker, anti theft alarm system and navigators.

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