Used Maruti Omni- What To Watch Out While Buying?

Maruti Suzuki is definitely one of the most trusted brands everywhere in India. Since its inception time, it has captured many hearts as well as precisely 55 percent of the market share for more than 2 decades. It’s been accredited with many consumer friendly cars. Even the resale values of such cars generally go higher than any other brands. One of such model is the used Maruti Omni. Maruti Omni is a Multi Utility Vehicle. This MUV as stated above is one of the user friendly cars. Doesn’t its name sounds like ‘Only’. Nah that is not the actual definition of the word Omni rather it is the way I like to think about it. But seriously it is the ONLY vehicle in my opinion that provides faith and confidence to its users. It’s all OK if you are purchasing a brand new Maruti Omni but buying a second hand Maruti Omni can prove to be a gamble if not taken proper care. So, here are some steps you should follow while making a purchase decision.

First and foremost get yourself prepared for the rollercoaster ride. No don’t take me seriously I was just kidding, just stick to the guide lines provided in this article and it will be easier for you. Research is the first step towards owning this used car. Do as much research as possible. Read reviews and consumer reports of various dealers. Gather as much as data about them. Contact your friends and ask them whether they know anyone who is selling an old Maruti Omni. Don’t go for a particular dealer rather make a checklist of dealers offering the used Maruti Omni, if you already did the same, congratulations. But hold your horses before you think you deserve a pat of appreciation on your back. Yes, it is definitely one of the most important step to find a reliable dealer but now there’s a hell lot of steps coming your way.

No, if you are thinking that the second step involves the test drive then I must say that you are absolutely wrong in my opinion. The most important point before the taking the test drive is checking the papers of all these second hand Maruti Omni. By checking the papers means that you should check the registration. Check their history records. There’ll be many old Maruti Omnis which will be lined up for sale after almost a handsome experience of accidents (do I have to tell you to right away omit those from your list or you’ll do it yourself?). Also check the  service history of these cars so as to know that what the basic problem of this car is. Whether it’s been given for any after sale service or not? The reason behind this is to check whether the car has been properly taken care of. Once done with that now you’ll be left with only a handful of cars in your list. These cars have passed the first test of your scrutiny.

Now here comes the second level of your scrutiny. You just can’t forget the look of  your Maruti Omni? So, check for any such problems. Check that the paint of the car is even everywhere. There shouldn’t be any colour variation in it. There shouldn’t be any rusted body parts inside as well as outside of the car. If there is any, it means that the car is not maintained well. Check that the tyres of this MUV are in good shape. Check whether there is still enough tread available on the each tyre and the tyre should not have any boils in it. Check the wear pattern of the tyres. The more irregular worn it is on one side ultimately means that the car has suspension or alignment problem. Also check the interiors of the car. Since, these are second hand cars, you really don’t expect a great deal out of it but everything will make a difference for sure.

Now everything is easier for you since you have scrutinised every inch of the car with your extra careful eyes.. Check all the features inside these used Maruti Omni are working perfectly. If not then eliminate those MUV’s from your list. By now you must be left with the three or four dealers in your list. So, now check the engine of each of them. Take a test drive of each of them. Know for yourself that what you liked about  each of them. And wisely take the decision that which one used Maruti Omni do you want to own. No it’s not over yet. Now comes the trickiest part. Generally a 2006 year model of a Maruti Omni comes for a price of Rs 1.4 lakhs. But that’s just the average estimated price all over India, you have to think twice before you crack the deal. The used Maruti Omni price depends on the year of manufacture and its condition.

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