BMW Concept Link Electric Scooter Unveiled

BMW Concept Link Electric Scooter Unveiled

While a concept scooter might not sound like anything to get excited about, the smart BMW electric scooter Concept Link that BMW unveiled at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in Lake Como, Italy is the moped of the future. It is, indeed, much more than just an electric scooter.

BMW calls it the Concept Link because it acts as a link between the digital and analog worlds. It’s both a “motorcycle and a communication device”. It’s a smart moped that can connect to your online accounts. It can read your calendar and suggest routes to get you where you need to go and even play the right music for you. In lieu of a dash, it has a head-up display that projects onto the windscreen showing your speed, navigation, etc.

You also get a touch panel under the handlebars which is fully customizable. As for the drivetrain, it’s fully electric, with a compact motor powered by flat batteries in the floor of the bike. It creates a unique, futuristic look that’s unlike any moped or motorcycle today. It has a riding position similar to a moped and it’s designed to be easy to mount and dismount.

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