BMW M4 GT4 Teased Ahead Of Official Unveiling

BMW M4 GT4 Teased Ahead Of Official Unveiling

BMW will soon unveil the new M4 GT4 at the famous Nurburgring race track. The new private racing car will be going out for a proper test in the endurance classic hosted at the base of the Eifel Mountains.

The media car cockpit will be shared by Dirk Adorf, who will once again provide commentary for RTL NITRO, BMW Motorsport Junior Ricky Collard, Jörg Weidinger and British motor racing journalist Jethro Bovingdon. As for the specs of the car, mum’s the word for now, BMW keeping things under a tight lock. Nevertheless, for privateer racing teams, the launch of the new BMW M4 GT4 will surely be good news as they have been waiting for this model to come out for quite some time now.

Sure, the BMW M235i Racing did a good job as a surrogate, but the champ is finally back. From the looks of it, or at least what we can make out from the teaser BMW M published online, the new GT4 will be prepared for a variety of racing formats. The massive wing at the back and the huge carbon fiber spoiler up front definitely seem ready to take on new challenges. Luckily for us, we only need to wait just a couple of days more to get to see the new BMW M4 GT4 in all its glory.

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