Full Throttle Himalayan Experience by Tata Motors Starts from Delhi

The first expedition has kick started from Delhi a couple of days back. We are talking about the Himalayan Experience, the first expedition, part of the Tata Motors Full Throttle campaign in the motorsport division. The expedition is going to span over 10 days and is going to be passing through New Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and last but not the least, the State of Jammu and Kashmir. The expedition is going to conclude after having traversed a behemoth target of 3000 km in Srinagar on the 1st of July.

There will be around 30 utility vehicles that will be part of the Tata Motors Full Throttle program and they are going to be tearing up the North Indian turf, running parallel to beautiful lakes, make their way through deep gorges and high mountain passes. This can be treated as a grand off the road riding experience with a lot many others falling on the same route over a painstaking journey of ten days.  This expedition is going to give the Tata Motors customers an insight on how the car is performing under rough conditions in hazardous terrain. Not only does this orchestrated event instill faith among the Tata Motors customers who are participating in the expedition but also all those helps in reinstating faith in the other Tata customers in the products. This expedition has been a daring feat/event from that of Tata Motors showcasing the true power of their SUV’s to the world. The program partner to organize this mega event is Cougar Motorsports. They have helped Tata with their plans to setting up an expedition with such a scale.

Full Throttle Himalayan Experience by Tata Motors Starts from Delhi
The expedition is going to have two purposes. One,which we have already stated, is going take Tata to the world in portraying their SUV’s skill and power in taking on the rough terrain over ten treacherous days of driving. The other purpose that the Tata expedition is going to serve is by providing extensive information to the Tata research and development team.  Detailed information and support in logistics. Information on medication and other utility services are also going to be obtained and analyzed at the end of this ten day journey. This is going to help Tata Motors to develop even meaner tougher SUV’s in the future that can take on the harshest of terrains.  However, this expedition is just the beginning, with a number of other ones lined up and rearing to go after the end of this one. The ones following up this is the Konkan Experience, the Jungle Experience, the Thar Experience, the Kutch Experience and the Nilgiri Experience.

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