BMW M6 2013 Coupe unveiled

BMW mesmerizes everyone with the launch of the top notch BMW M6 Coupe and Roadster. And you know why, when you take a look under the hood. The regular BMW 6-series produced 402hp and 600Nm torque. While the E63 and E64 produced a staggering 510hp and 520Nm of torque. This V10 was retired back in 2010.

In this mini beast, BMW has loaded the 4.4 litre V8 engine with a twin turbo. It’s the same engine propelling the new M5 Sedan and the SUVs X5 and X6. It churns a spine chilling 560hp and 677Nm torque in the range of 1500 to 5750rpm and the pointer goes upon revving to 7200rpm. To drive this power to the wheels, the BMW M6 has seven-speed dual clutch transmission  with steering pedal shifters.

BMW M6 2013 Coupe unveiled
This new BMW M6 Coupe does a 0-100kmph in as much as 4.2 seconds. And the Roadster takes just one tenth of a second longer. The acceleration doesn’t end there, the Coupe does 200kmph in 12.6 seconds while the Roadster does it in 13.1 seconds. The speed is electronically limited to 250kmph. That if you don’t have the M Driver option un-ticked from the dealer. With the M Driver checked from dealer, the M6 can go on to speed upto 305kmph.

The new twin turbo V8 has a fuel economy of 9.9L/100km in Coupe and 10.3L/100km for Roadster. The twin turbo giving a boost of 21.7psi, gives the engine 10 more horses than the V10. At the same time, the V8 has 30% more efficiency than the older V10.

The M series BMW comes with racing instincts. It requires massive braking effort to bring to halt 560 horses of power. For this, the BMW has 15.7 inch brake rotor in front and 15.6 inch in rear. Carbon-ceramic brakes are also available as an option for the larger 20-inch wheels.

The Bavarian car maker attempts to keep weight low by using front fenders of aluminum. The Coupe gets carbon fiber lightweight roofs. The BMW M6 will be displayed at the New York show due next month at its official launch. The Coupe will be seen on roads next summer and India will be welcoming this M6 once the existing model is phased out.

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