Car ownership – Dos and Dont’s

So finally, you have got your car. You are a good driver or maybe not. If you are of the former types then no issues but if you belong to the latter category, then there would be two things. Either you would learn to drive or hire a chauffer. If it’s the latter then no issues but if it’s the former, then there would be two things. You may end up dinging the car or not. Amn’t I sounding like Patel sahab, Deven Bhojani’s character from the serial “Office Office”? Pretty much. But then these things or rather scenarios do happen. It isn’t rocket science that the better you tend for your car, the more smiles it would return on your face. I have listed out a few of the tips which would cover the initial driving part, maintenance as also reselling of your car.

Car and its driving:

Driving in a controlled, sensible manner would save fuel big time. As of now, the rising price of the crude would contribute to many bald heads but then a few small tricks here and there would preserve the patch on your head. Simply adopt healthy driving habits and they could lead a great way to contribute towards savings.

First of all, if the distance is walkable, then avoid taking out your car. Short distances would wear out the clutch and also contribute to an overall lesser fuel economy. Moreover, walking has its own benefits to your health. First time drivers wouldn’t want to keep a heavy foot on the accelerator in the fear of losing out on control of the car but the seasoned ones would want to play spoilsport by blipping the accelerator time and again. Don’t do latter. This would lead to the engine sipping more than required fuel and eventually throwing it up in fumes from the exhaust. Moreover, judge the traffic ahead of you. If it is slow moving then there is no need to press the accelerator than what is required to just keep on moving. Also inching a few steps would consume more fuel than what you will do if you keep your car in first gear at a constant speed from signal to signal. Use the clutch, brake and accelerator combo judiciously.


Routine maintenance, in the long run would help save one thousands and possibly lakhs of rupees. Eventually when you plan on selling the car, the price for it would also be more than an ill maintained car. Moreover, the service book that you have been provided along with the car, if completely filled up, emits a positive response from the buyer. The basic thing in car maintenance is to check the oil and water level each week. Many of the engine problems are due to the lack of coolants or oil. If not looked into earlier, then it would eventually lead you to spend thousands of rupees for the repair. Also if you encounter any unusual noises coming from the car, do get them immediately checked from a nearby service station. You could avoid a huge repair bill in the process as also any serious problem to the car. If possible, wash your car every two weeks and preferably by your hands. Most of the automated car washers can actually damage a car’s paint. As and when your vehicle is due for the free services that come along as perks for a new car, do it at the authorized show room, irrespective of whether you cover the required mileage for service or not. A lapsed service would send the wrong signals to potential second hand car buyers. Once the free services are over, you can scout around for the best service center (non authorized ones) with all the requisite equipment and efficient well trained staff, cheaper than an authorized one for sure. Be sure to have all the receipts from them and properly document and store them safely. Moreover procure an invoice from them about the various repair work done and certifying the genuinity of the parts.

Selling of the car:

First of all, I am sure, all of us love to personalize our cars. My car has a rear spoiler and a fatter exhaust pipe. But then when I have to sell my car, then it is not necessary that the buyer would like this car, moreso because of the accessories. Potential buyers have this thought that this car has some problem and hence this person has added accessories to lure me into the trap of buying this car. Stop loading your car to the gills. This causes sagging suspension, if done for a prolonged period. Also don’t use the car for moving house. If there are small things which can fit into the car, then its okay however if it is something big which would actually fit in a van but you still prefer to shuttle it around in your hatchback, then this is a big no-no. The reason been that this would damage the interiors of the car. Also ask people to light the butt outside the car and not inside. Pets should also be as long as possible, kept away from the insides of the car. A potential buyer would be disgusted to note dog’s hair and litterings inside the car. Keep the car’s interiors clean. Also avoid doing minor painting jobs yourself. Buyers usually are suspicious of buying a used car and if they notice a botched up paint job, then that would be the last straw. Always cover the car when not in use. This would prevent vandalism to a great extent as also protect the car from the elements.

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