Car-talk with Rohit Shetty

While talking about his love for driving and his experiences with the road monster Rohit Shetty, he reveals that he learnt to tame this four-wheeler at a very young age. He started driving at an early age of 15 because of which he cleared his very first driving test due to years of driving practice. Further discussing his test experience, he exclaims that it was quite funny as when asked to drive a figure 8 he not only did that with great ease but to prove his expertise also did a figure 6, 5 and even 4.

He adds, his driving lessons involved many people. Though he was introduced to driving by his cousin, he practiced it under his maternal uncle’s guidance. He remembers the time when his uncle used to hand him over the keys and relaxed next to him in his car. Shetty started driving a basic Maruti 800 and also tried Premier Padmini in his early days of learning.

Today he considers BMW X6 as his best owned car and casually jokes about the Indian mentality over buying an expensive car which is just a four-seater. To which he cheekily responds that the car is for him and not to be used as a taxi. Even if this is his favourite he still loves his first ever Skoda Octavia that he bought 7 years back and till date cherishes the fond memories related to it.

Car-talk with Rohit Shetty

Discussing his interest in cars, he shares the story of his first ever crash which was luckily a minor one. When he was in standard 2 he had mistakenly started his father’s new Mahindra Jeep and had dashed it into a gutter fortunately escaping with no injuries.

Every man has a dream car and Rohit does not stay behind on this one. He dreams to own an old Mustang someday, which he was inspired to buy watching films like Bullitt while growing up. Sadly he is currently not able to find it but knows that someday he will surely have one.

Being an avid car lover he most certainly has some serious specifications when it comes to driving. He prefers a strong sporty car over a soft one. He is a lover of big and heavy cars instead of light and small ones. When it comes to being in a car he is stubborn about being upfront and will not bear being settled in the back seat. Reflecting his concern over the jam-packed public transportation modes, he comments that he would any day go for a car in a bad state than taking the public transport.


Being a modern day man and a firm believer of technology he prefers automatic cars than manuals, which are more tedious. Also what is a car without a few break downs and Rohit prefers to always get it fixed by a professional than getting down and dirty. Presented with two options of world class cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini he takes no time in answering, Lamborghini!


Abstract: An interview with Rohit Shetty reveals his passion for high-end cars. He confesses that driving has always been his first love and he would settle for nothing less than an old Mustang which he is yet to find. He learnt driving at the tender age of 15.

Old Mustang

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