Chrysler 300s – First Drive

2012 Chrysler is one of the high performance-driven cars that boast of a 6.4 liter Hemi V8 pinch, adorned with massive bimbo brakes and wheels that are lightweight forged. A Chrysler is a cakewalk in the market at present and is the most crisp sport sedan. So it is luxury and performance packed into one?That is what the Chrysler officials claim and it seems they have set out in the market with big promises.

The Chrysler 300s was first introduced in the year 2003 at a New York Automobile Show and captured major market share by 2005. The car is consecrated with bold style, fitted with rear wheel drive platform and amazing suspension borrowed from a Mercedes Benz E-Class model. This road ranger was fitted with a standard 6.1 liter V8 with 425 horsepower. The standard 20 inch wheels compliment the low rise body of the car quite well. The LED daytime lights are surrounded by a black chrome layer and the bumper is tailored with four-inch exhaust pipes with a decklid spoiler adapting perfectly with the style of the car.

Chrysler 300s First Drive

Let us get into the interiors of the Chrysler. Handcrafted in leather, an anti-heating SRT steering wheel flanked by metal paddle shifters on both sides, this car is a beauty from within. The dashboard has chrome accents and is upholstered with genuine carbon fibre trim.

Chrysler 300s First Drive

The logo is ornamented at the back of the car that is hard to ignore. Apart from that an SRT logo is strategically placed on each seat back that is the epitome of detailing. Quite classy in its appeal, the doors are empanelled with premium leather.

Chrysler 300s First Drive

Fitted with a whopping 16-valve engine, the pushrod has a cast iron block with aluminum fitted heads. Runs on unleaded fuel, the torque is around 470. While the transmission is nothing extraordinary, it is the usual five-speed torque converter that conventionally sends power to the rear wheels through a Getrag. Coming to its speed, the Chrysler will tear the winds at 60 miles per hour. A sedan’s usual range is 175 mph. even though its EPA fuel economy numbers have not been released, the exhaust is quite active for hot gases to pass through mid and rear mufflers. This car has surplus firepower and the braking system is capably endowed.

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