A Happy Decade of Mahindra Scorpio

A decade long journey of Mahindra Scorpio is commendable. The company still has high hopes and high dreams attached to this fabulous off-roader in India. Mahindra Scorpio is still counting and looking forward to more

Mahindra SUVs have been the best in the market for a common man to choose from. With the launch of Mahindra Scorpio, an SUV model by the Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, the mango-man market was captured immediately. This was the first ever SUV designed and developed by the Indian Mahindra Group. Winning home awards like the “Best SUV of the Year” and “Best Car of the Year” by BBC World Wheels, it was launched in 2002 and it is still running as one of the best producing and selling cars. This is one of the best models of the M&M group.

This year Mahindra celebrates the completion of 10 years of this classic wagon they brought up with such passion and life. The planning for this car began in the middle of 1997 and then finally was launched in 2002. Since then it has been all over and grasping all the attention and seeking pride. The old Mahindra image of a Tractor maker was changed evidently with this toss. When they were into talks of bringing up this during 1997, there was an option of getting a 10-seater car or building and choosing a different product altogether. Choosing the later was the best decision that the company took. It has been in form since.

A Happy Decade of Mahindra Scorpio

The mighty and muscular Mahindra Scorpio became the heart of the world. The sturdy look was greatly appealing and alluring and reliability was its best-selling feature. It gave the users a well satisfied and raw experience which was why it was appreciated and due to mouth publicity gained more attention. The Mahindra and Mahindra Limited have been all in demand with this awesome make that they came up with and hugely satisfied every aspect related to this. This SUV was comfortable, satisfying, strong, long lasting and firm. They brought in more and more developments with this car along the years too. More research was done with respect to user comfort and usability. Interestingly, the modification in this segment was amazing. The first generation Scorpio was surpassed by the second generation Mahindra Scorpio. There were many different models and types of this awesome car that were given for options. All of them were just the best and had the best unique things about them.

The better version or say the third generation of the Mahindra & Mahindra Limited built Mahindra Scorpio came up with hybrid version of the model. It was a diesel-electric version which received a huge response. This was launched in the SAE World Congress in 2008. Later in the same year there was a launch of the latest Mahindra Scorpio with 6-speed automatic transmission gearbox. All the versions and the upcoming versions have been unique and better than the older ones.

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