Care Tips for Monsoon

Monsoon is the season of new things to fall in our way – the new crops, new clothes, new shoes, new bags and many other “new” to be bought for being water proof in the rains. But even, we can’t manage to keep ourselves dry in spite of being loaded with number of advanced technologies at our bay. Though that’s what the car also faces, getting drenched in the rain, sneezing when usurped a lot of cold water, and many more similarities in between. That only difference between a car and a human gets abolished in the monsoon season, as its starts speaking our language of falling ill to avoid the regular work schedule. Hence, not meant for discussing those same to same inclinations, we are here to share our expertise with you of getting your car safe in the perch of rains.

Pre-Monsoon Check:

Well, for many Indians monsoon season have been already started but for the citizens of Mumbai and the nearby places rains are still a bit far away from the land. In the cases of monsoon a pre-monsoon check is mandatory for which the on-season hassles can be avoided on a large extent. It will give in a sneak of the remaining chunk that you had left for the “later on” conclusions. The rain affects a car in every dimension, we mean ranging from the metal rusts to electrical extravaganza. Hence, make the workshop personnel to work out with the battery detailing on the most important note. That’s because it is the first equipment of a car which deprives the vehicle from getting started, and also if one tends to be stuck in the fuss, then a proper battery only helps the vehicle to return home anyhow. And taking in cues from the scenes of Bollywood movies, we are already abreacted that “anything” can happen if the battery gets down on darker side of road. Just be sure with this. Meanwhile, also see if all the drain plugs are fitted properly, and if it is not then get them done as soon as possible. It happens in the case that, rain water enters our car via such intervals and tends to make a stinking issue for future, which maybe in the forms like bad smell inside the car, and many more. Lastly, for this one, get the anti rust formula sprayed in all the critical parts under bonnet, as all of us already know how this will support us in the course of misted time.

Care Tips for Monsoon

Tyres Replacement:

Tyres are not meant to be looked during the monsoon season ‘only’ but instead one should look into it throughout the year as well. However, terming as per our “Chalta Hai” attitude, get the pieces of rubber check at least in the months of monsoon so that you may don’t tend to skid off the tarmacs. One need to be an expert for reviewing the rubbers, it is just that, check whether the treading of your tyre is 2mm or not. if it is lesser then you are at the risk of slipping off the way, immediately get them replaced. Over here many may say that, we have ABS included in our vehicle, hence need not to look into this much of extra bits. That’s good if you have an ABS system in car but those systems works only in the extreme cases, hence we can’t wait every time for the technology to work for us. Our safety is on our hand.

Tyres Replacement


After the tyres there comes the wiper. It is a most important tool for driving during the monsoon patch. That’s simple, if you can’t see the way you can’t get further. Rubbers used in the wipers get dried up in the normal season and also they become harder than the usual. It may leave you stranded at times when you need them most. Hence, some additional sleazy expenditure on the wipers will lead you to a better vision, which is far better than that foggy sight on the windshield.

Car Wipers


Paint is the final word of this recommendation. The assimilation of water and metal is not a tempting one since the invention and we think this was the only time when the intrusion of paint came into existence. Exactly we can’t say that right now but hopefully that many be the only reason why the automakers are covering cars in the thick shield of paints. Lest, for the better body condition even after the monsoon one has to do the efforts right from the initial stage i.e. in pre-monsoon check. Apply the good quality of wax polish on car so that when the water that falls on them they would down to the ground swiftly, and if that stops in between then there are good chances of rust getting into it. Also in the market there is anti rust treatment available for the couple of thousand bucks, which they assure will last for the next three years. However, it is a costly affair but seeing the long term benefits costing can be neglected easily. And very lastly, we have to say that fill in all the scratches before monsoon starts otherwise, it may act as crevice for the rain water to seep in and follow the chain reaction of rust throughout the whole body.


Hope so this much was enough for now, and will help you to be in the right part while driving through the rainy days. It feels good for taking a ride during the heavy rains, but if already loaded with precautions then our mind will also be in the tension free state of further damage annexure.

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