Tips on Buying a Used Mahindra Xylo

Since the launch in 2009, Mahindra Xylo was the new yet improved face of Indian carmaker in industry, as everyone was filled to the heart seeing Scorpio and Innova for quite long. Hence, Xylo had achieved that up market strata in the beginning portion of sales but on a very short note it then started diverting its image to the direction of travel and tourism industry, we mean that yellow colored number plates and all. However, leaving those things back in the boots, and as talking about the realistic components, it was a good car for the money being asked for. Started with the quotations from Rs. 7.11 lakh at launch, it now fetches good resale value in the used car market as well. We had surveyed a number of used cal dealers and have found out that, most of the Xylos fall in the trim line of tourist vehicle, hence we need to say a lot of nicks and nocks to be seen before the purchase. As per to the present market scenario, one can have a good deal on Xylo if was about to leave for buying the hatchbacks and other such in the respectively very-compressed price tags.

Looking at the first glance it will definitely compel you take him home. Sporting the looks of bully from all the four sides, and also a good headroom on inside, whilst of ‘acres and acres’ of legroom bestowed for each of the rows, that’s what the Mahindra was seen promising as a key feature in its TVC of earlier days, of which it is tremendously awesome to be inside. However, the car that we were inspecting at the dealer’s outlet was dated something a couple of years back, and was the top-of-line trim i.e. E8. Apart from this used car showroom of Mumbai, we had went to Shillong last year, covering Darjeeling and Gangtok on route, and also entering countries like China and Nepal at their respective borders. Truly we got those everything covered in a Mahindra Xylo itself. Whatever you name it, we had crossed those extremely rough patches in the same car, and moreover it wasn’t jerking us back at any point of time. We were gleaming through the way and routes were teasing us back for not getting struck into their fusses. Well, keeping the notch there itself, we had made enough friends on the trip, and also just tried to get any of the good deals cracked for a Xylo. But nonetheless, it was seems to be the official vehicle of North Eastern states because, we weren’t able to find any of the other badges on those steep yet multiple-hair-pin-bended mountains. Even at the crumbling roads above 18,000 ft from sea level, we weren’t given out with the negative feedbacks from this fully fledged Mahindra MPV.

Used Mahindra Xylo

Back to Mumbai again, that Xylo at the used car dealer was a tempting one. We don’t know why, but every one of them looks like a bright piece of metal on outside and when the bonnet is lifted then a lot of things comes to the real surface, revealing what had been done to this vehicle by its previous owner and all. Let’s clear one thing before; most of the Xylo in market had ticked in the figure of 30,000 kms on odometer whereas most of them had even crossed 50,000 kms on the instant. Very less of them are vouched for lesser than the bespoken range. However, common tendency in all of them is the premature failure of EGR, which tends the vehicle to lose out their fuel economy and also a bunch of power before their actual age. Due to the habit of long-run-exercise, there also lays a great probability for the failure of clutch plate. In actual it happens every now and then, the reason is an inefficiently placed cylinder between the brake and clutch leaves clutch-plate for a toss just one after the other short intervals.

Change of clutch plate is also a costly affair, as it pours out Rs. 10,000 from pocket every time when you change them. Riding over those bumpy roads of in the mountainous North East, our driver told us what the major problem arises in Xylo and that is ‘the early worn out of suspensions’. Most probably, it can be easily detected when the vehicle starts giving in “Thud” type for response in the mid and large sized potholes. We expect on our personal technical note that, early suspension worn outs may be happening due to the weight distribution and ergonomics of Xylo, as the engineers had keenly stretched the ratios of weight across the extended Xylo’s length, just like ‘Limousine’, which tends to drop in all the masses just exactly In the mid of both the ends, that’s given more of it collided by a pothole. Rs. 20,000 is the cost for its replacement that will plight you to purchase lower arm, tie-rod ends, bushes and shocks in that whole package.

Used Mahindra Xylo Cars

Those above mentioned tweaks are the major drawbacks that are found on any of the Xylo in market, whilst of the other that is squeaking and grinding sound in drive shaft. In this case, it may be said that centre or universal joint is worn out. Hence needs an additional money from your packet, but don’t worry it is a bit soft on the costing, managing you to pinch as mere as Rs. 5,000. Exclusive of those, most of the minor complaints are said to be reported from AC vents and other electrical gremlins. Such instances can be fixed easily without shelling out many of the bunch from wallets. One should always remember that, AC must be serviced regularly, because they get clogged very often. Sometimes, if one would look at the dashboard then he may tend to feel the cheap quality of plastic are soaring his eyes, but if admired carefully then the practicality would be on the top of all, which makes it cover the negativities with clever positives.


The overall experience of Xylo is a bit notched above than the average, when looked at the pricing and features-provided ratio then a gleam smile is sure to shoot your face very instantly. Mahindra Xylo is one of the best friends that you can have for any sort of journeys. It will not say “no” to any of your demand. Either the long list of friends wants to get in your car or you are shifting your house, no problem for Xylo. Even the last row seats can fit up to three adults with ease. No one will be crumbling each other’s for deriving the sufficed legroom. Well, it also gives in the sophistication factor to core in teh forma of looks and feel, which you may getting from any of the cabins available in market, that too given for an extremely less running cost than any other model plates in the segment. Hopefully we must say a good decision to look over the ‘Toyota Innova,’ that’s it!

Used Mahindra Xylo Back View

Overall Ratings: 8/10.

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