Chevrolet working on compact Enjoy?

GM India is supposed to be working on the sub 4 meter version of its new MPV, Enjoy. According to reports from AutoCar, GM is thinking about a downsized version of its Enjoy MPV. The sub four meter vehicle will be cheaper than the current model inheriting the excise benefits received by the sub 4-meter vehicles. The vehicle will come with petrol and diesel mill with capacity less than 1200cc or 1500cc respectively.

It is possible that GM India will be downgrading the current 1.4 litre 102 bhp petrol engine to 1.2 litre 85 bhp engine which is currently seen in Chevrolet Sail. The main motive will be to push the vehicle in the benefit region received by the sub four meter segment. The reduction in the boot space and power will be compensated by the reduced weight, the sub-four meter Enjoy will weigh about 150 kg less than the current 7-seater version that is in sale, this will help to increase the performance and efficiency.

Chevrolet Enjoy Compact

The current vehicle is about 4305 mm long and hence the designers will have to slash more than 305mm to bring it in the desired segment. The smaller version will have to give away the third row seats, thus will come as a five-seater. More than that, the excise benefits will make this vehicle about Rs. 40,000 cheaper than the current vehicle. With the reduction of that much amount, the vehicle will stand directly inside the price window of the premium hatchbacks. GM is currently struggling in the Indian market but the UV segment is showing superb growth and the company just want to cash the same.

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