Tata launches ‘Tata Motors Prolife’ for commercial buyers

Tata Motors have launched its ‘Tata Motors Prolife’, which is a customer oriented program that will help top recondition the engine block aggregates, parts and will also ensure the quality reconditioning that will help to deliver superior performance of vehicle. The program has been revealed on the occasion of world environment day. The program will be help to extend the parts and life of aggregates by using the reduced quantity of the materials.  The main benefits will be reduced cost of ownership, high up time and helping in sustainable environment.

According to the Executive Director for commercial vehicles, Tata Motors, Mr. Ravindra Pisharody, This is an objective to provide the customers with the foremost support. He also said that it is the company’s policy to offer first in the industry offers and incentives that will add value. The program will be addition quality reconditioning and will reduce the downtime of the commercial vehicles due for reconditioning, thus overall will result in low ownership and maintenance cost. With the initiative the company wants to expands its after marker services. He also said that the services should be excellent not at the top level but also down to each link. He also said that they are coming up with the enhancements, man powers and process to assist fast service and expressed hope that customers will see true value in this initiative.

Tata Motors Prolife

The company has established two facilities for reconditioning of engine block in Coimbatore and Lucknow that will hear to the customer requirements. These facilities will be able to recondition about 19,000 engine long block in a year and will also be able to recondition other parts of the Tata commercial vehicles.

Tata Motors Prolife will offer top aggregates and components like:

  • 6BT BSII / BS III, 697 BSII Engine long block for Tata trucks and buses
  • Ace engine long block
  • Ace Zip/ Magic Iris Engine long block,
  • 497 BS II / BSIII Engine long blocks for LCVs
  • Electrical and electronic parts
  • Turbo chargers,
  • Gear Boxes
  • Power steering aggregates
  • Brake components

All of the Tata Motor vehicle customer can conjure this offer across the 1,000 Tata Motors Authorized Commercial Vehicle Dealer Workshops and the Tata motor Authorized service stations all over India.

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