Cost of Hyundai Cars All Set to Go Up

Come August 1st, price of all Hyundai cars are all set to increase with the exception of the recently launched Hyundai Creta. The maximum hike in price would be to the tune of Rs.30,000 in some brands.

According to Hyundai, increase in production cost forced them to hike the prices. The Korean automobile giant is the largest exporter of cars in India and it exports its products to nearly 85 countries in the Asia Pacific, Africa, Latin America, Australia and Middle Eastern region. It is also one of the largest players in the automobile segment in India. The increase in price of Hyundai cars will definitely have an impact on the market and competition, but what nature the impact would be is yet to be seen.

Cost of Hyundai Cars All Set to Go Up

Hyundai has quite a long and illustrious lineup as far as the Indian market is concerned. The lineup includes the likes of Hyundai i20, Hyundai EON, Santa Fe, Grand i10, Elite i20, Active i20 etc. It also has a network of 425 dealerships as well as 1000 service centers all across the country.

The company had recently launched an SUV name Creta at Rs.8.59 lacs ex-showroom price.

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