Dashboard Warning Lights

Check Engine Light:

Modern cars are fitted with On-board diagnostic system that is connected to every sensor in the car, from the engine, fuel and emissions system to other electrical components. When the check engine light comes on, it can mean many things. By plugging in the OBD diagnostic tool, the driver can make out what the fault is, through a series of codes displayed on the monitor screen.

Now, the coding may be saved in the system for reference or print out, so its memory must be cleared before reusing.

Maintenance Light:

This light indicates that the engine requires service or maintenance. It takes into account different engine parameters, like the engine temperature, oil temperature, air temperature and absolute pressure, etc to indicate that its time for an engine oil change or maintenance. It turns on for a short while when the ignition is turned on, but if it blinks for longer, then its an indication that the car requires maintenance.

Check Engine Light Maintenance Light

Battery warning:

This is an indication of low battery juice. It could be due to faulty alternator or snapped alternator belt.

Brake Warning Light:

This has two meanings. The indicator may turn on if the hand-brake lever is pulled, or it may show low oil-pressure in the master cylinder.

ABS System alert:

Every ABS equipped car comes with this light that turns on for few seconds when you turn on the ignition. If it remains on for a longer period or grabs your attention in anyway while driving, then there is something wrong with the system. It could be simple as a choked braking system to malfunction of the sensors. Connect the OBD to check for faults.

Battery warning Brake Warning Light ABS System alert

Coolant Warning Light:

This light indicates error inside the vehicle cooling system, which in most cases means low level of coolant in the radiator. Add water or coolant to the coolant box (not directly to the radiator). There could also be a faulty hose causing leakage of coolant.

Oil Warning light:

This light turns on when the ignition key switched on and later it turns off. If the light remains on for a longer time, it generally means there is low pressure of oil in the engine. It could be due to faulty oil pump or choked oil filter. Running the engine on low oil pressure will reduce its performance drastically and eventually seize it.

Low Fuel indicator:

It does not require Einstein to understand that the car requires refueling.

Coolant Warning Light Oil Warning light Low Fuel indicator

Seat Belt reminder:

When the engine is running and the front seat passengers do not have their seats fastened, this indicator remains on. It turns off when the seat belts are fastened.

Tyre Pressure monitor:

This indicator turns on when there is uneven pressure in the tyres. This could cause drastic effect to the car’s performance while being unsafe at high speeds.

Seat Belt reminder Tyre Pressure monitor

High beamHigh beam:

Every car is equipped with high beam and low beam headlights. When the driver shifts to high-beam mode this indicator turns on.

Fog beams indicator:

Fog beams indicator

This indicator turns on when the driver turns on the Fog beam lamps of the car.

Rear Window defrost:

It turns on when the driver switches on the rear window defrost.

Emergency indicator:

Also known as, hazard indicator, the light turns on when the driver turns on the emergency button. It signals the other drivers around the car that there is some emergency. It could be a failure of component within the car or an obstacle on the road.

Rear Window defrost Emergency indicator

Cruise Control:

Under default mode, the cruise control remains on and the light is on. In some brands the indicator is on when the cruise control mode is switched off.

Windshield defrost:

It turns on when the driver activates the windshield defrost.

Open door indicator:

This safety indicator shows if the door is open or not properly closed. In some brands, it also gives indication to which door is open.

Cruise Control Windshield defrost Open door indicator

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