Datsun products to be based on Nissan’s Micra platform

According to Nissan’s 88 plan, the firm will roll out ‘Datsun’ brand as a lower brand in the Nissan Group umbrella.

Datsun will be introduced in different market zones comprising India, Russia as well as Indonesia.

These vehicles will boast upper-levels of localized components that will assist the company to lessen the total cost.

In the Russian market, Nissan will be rolling out the Datsun on the Lada podium, but for the domestic market zone (India) the firm will have share it on the ‘V’ stage.

Nissan Micra
As per reports, the Datsun brand will consist of 3 products including a hatchback, a sedan in addition to a sport utility vehicle.

Initially, Nissan will bring out the hatchback, which will be based on the Micra by 2013 end, or at the beginning of the next year.

The K2 will consist of a variety of resembling pattern and internal traits, which will be shared with its most popular vehicle, Micra.

It will be contending with the A+/B section hatchbacks and it will also boast the identical 1.2-litre petrol engine.

The company could also roll out a diesel engine, as they carry the 1.5-litre K9K engine in their fleet. The other vehicles will take some time to come out and at first the company is concentrating on the hatchback.

The facelift for the popular Micra will be introduced by the coming months and after that a novel product that the firm will launch is Duster-based sport utility vehicle that is named as the NH79 or the X79 at the present time. It is after this that the auto company will bring out the Datsun brand.

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