Nissan to go India Specific for its Upcoming Datsun

As we all know that Nissan is on the spree to capture masses and Datsun meant to its biggest bet in the particular segment, now news came slating it will happen in the way that, Datsun will appear as a separate brand from the umbrella of Nissan, and to be more specific, it will built like a India-specific model from that to cater Indians specially as per their driving needs and different evolving cultures.

Nissan had quite a deep and engraving roots here, but it thinks the customers who prefer Nisan are of the middle class, and an inspiring yet lucrative factor needs to be kept burning inside them, which is a common trait found in this particular segment, so as an outcome Datsun will be kept at a bay from them in the market scenario. This will help to keep the ‘bit up-market’ image of Nissan inflated in spite of reaching even the masses at core.

Nissan to go India Specific for its Upcoming Datsun
As slated, India, Russia, Indonesia and South Africa will be the territories who are going to be bestowed by such an assortment, where the five models are in the in the pipeline which is going to make debut in the bespoken countries. Two of the car makes meant will be done out in the initial couple of years and the rest of them to be carried forward in the forthcoming subsequent period. All the models are termed to be specific of their bespoken regions.

Whereas, coming to India spec, Nissan aims to target below the category of Rs. 4 lakh. band, giving a tough competitive blow to the monikers like Maruti Alto, Hyundai Eon, Chevrolet Spark and even Tata Nano on some of the exception notes. Rather than following a traditional route, Datsun makers will carve the fast flowing crisps and design on metals, so that buyers may derive value for money equation on its purchase.

The plant of Nissan outside the Chennai will be perfected for its manufacturing bay and Nissan-Hover alliance to work out a new set of dealership, which will be separate from the existing ones, to sell the low cost offerings in market by the deep penetrated routes of network, most probably outside the Metro cities itself.

The first Datsun will make its global debut by the mid 2013 and the market roll-outs to happen in early 2014.

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