Datsun to unveil a new concept at 2014 Delhi Auto Expo

Datsun risen the temperature of this winter with the unveiling of hatchback GO across various cities of India. A report on internet is claiming the Nissan’s budget brand to be unveiling a new concept at the upcoming 2014 Delhi Auto Expo.

However, there isn’t sketchy information about the upcoming concept from Nissan’s Datsun. We speculate that hatchback GO-based 7-seater MPV “GO+” which was revealed last year will make its way to this platform of Delhi Motor Show.

Datsun GO is slatted towards the young and cost-conscious buyers; the Go+ at Auto Expo will definitely pave way for the brand to lead further.

Just like the GO, MPV too will be a resounding a tough competition towards the likes of Maruti Ertiga and others, which means the people mover segment once again to be trafficked with a cost-effective option.

Datsun Go MPV

Hence, when going MPV brand should make debut of its diesel engines on our shores to stiffen up the competition with the local carmakers who sells in numbers. If happened so, then the market will definitely is going to see a new rising sun.

Image Courtesy – ACI

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