Datsun unveils sketch of its first model

After 32 years, Datsun has finally released the first sketches of its new car. This new car will make its debut in New Delhi on the 15th of July. This is a big moment for Datsun as it is making a comeback now, after being closed in 1986. The new car is expected to reach the market by the mid of the year 2014.

Datsun initially was called Datson. It was a brand name created by DAT Motor company in the year 1931. The name was selected to signify the smaller size of the car as compared to their other cars. In the year 1934, Nissan Motors took ownership of DAT Motors completely. Nissan changed the name Datson to Datsun because the “son” in Datson meant loss which was unacceptable for Nissan. So “sun” was added to create the marque Datsun. This also signified the Japanese national flag which has a rising sun on it. In March 1986, Nissan finally put an end to the marque “Datsun”.

Nissan is bringing back Datsun especially for Indian, Indonesian, South African and Russian markets. This new car is a 5 seat stylish hatchback. This will be targeting the middle class population in these countries.

Datsun Unveils Sketches Of First Model
This new hatchback has the code name K2 for internal use. Nissan is using all its global resources to develop and design a car that satisfies all the local needs and tastes of a common man. As revealed by the sketches, this new Datsun is a tough looking hatchback that is using unique designing elements.

Talking about the exterior, the hexagonal grille in chrome lining and highly crafted head lights give this car an outstanding look. Prominent creases on the bonnet and strong shoulder line give it a perfectly robust look. The character line on the rear haunches make the car look even more beefy which adds to the robustness. Although it can be seen that the 155/70 R tyres do not match up with the sturdy look of the car. The wheels have an option of been upgraded. Nissan is sticking to these weedy wheels to keep the car light which will promote the fuel efficiency. It is being said that the light weight body and wisely selected components will make this car very fuel efficient.

Datsun Unveils Sketches

The sketches do not give any information regarding the interiors, although it is expected that the car will house some very practical designing. This new car has a lot of free space in the front as the gear and hand break are located in the centre console. This will be an added advantage for the lady drivers who can use the space between the seats to place their bags.

The car is expected to be very spacious with a lot of luggage carrying capacity. The cabin can be used for smaller objects while the extended floor can be utilized for bigger and heavier luggage.

Dutsan will make the car user friendly keeping it easy to drive. It will house a 3 cylinder 1.2 litre capacity, XH5 engine. All this will be available for the buyer at a price of 3.2 lacs only. It is therefore expected that the car will give a tough competition to Maruti Wagon R and Hyundai i 10.

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