Mysterious Audi Prototype Spotted Testing

No doubt that Audi had grabbed the best luxury-car seller tag in India this year and is also on the spree to expand its range as soon as possible. Hence, we were left amazed when we got our hands on this piece of news that says whole new story about the Ingolstadt based brand.

Well, first see the image and don’t get surprised when you find this prototype strange. Though, it is ‘strange’ because smiling so widely without any cause, must be a technical idiot. Yet there is a whole interesting plethora behind its smile which will make your thoughts to stand upside down.

The spied prototype maybe a new aura of Audi hybrid powertrain and is doing test rounds to confirm the class leading fuel efficiency of “100 kmpl”. Hence, it maybe a car suitable for hard working person who goes to office, and shops for his daily needs while returning on the way to home. One may say that it can draw conclusion like to that of Renault Twizy, a lot of cargo space and a seating space for one/two people.

Mystery Audi Prototype Spotted Testing in China

We know you are eager to get your hands on it as soon as possible, but before thinking of buying a one, let us inform you it was the metal that was spotted testing in China wearing only the Audi badge, underneath it is the ‘Feilu Junma FLRG’.  Must say, China is capable enough to build their local specific Audi brand. Apart from tracing footsteps of famous, Chinese are creative enough to give the world a nice run for their product.

Spoilt your Audi-cious temptation, isn’t it!

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