DC Designed Nissan Sunny is fit for an Emperor

Looking at Sunny from exteriors one may not say that Nissan can produce the makes which will strongly compete likes of Mercedes Benz E Class and S Class. But hopefully the DC had thought that unconventional way and now we seem this Japanese car brand is no less competitive than those luxurious Germans. Hopefully, one may ‘not’ believe these types of words when said without producing the proof and hence we have all the evidence to post our claims on you. The posted images of this blog are representing the same.

Looking at the picture we had concluded, DC had removed the middle seat of rear and had completely replaced the whole rear bench with couple of captain seats, provided with armrests in between them and the electronically reclining function to move in the eased direction.

The modifier had taken massive advantage of rear legroom that even envies Mercedes Benz in its own stride, and bestowed it with foldable co-driver’s seat, leaving a whole lot of bay for the respective rear passenger.

A LCD is also displayed at the back of driver’s seat and hence the Sunny now feels a car transformed into lounge very impressively. Partying in Red lining, which seems leather, leaves no option for a buyer to slip in any of the other brands. Chrome strips splayed here and there, a touch of finest wood on doors and various other spaces, inclusive of a whole lot of luxury oriented features makes this Nissan Sunny a must possessed name in the emperor’s kitty.

DC Designed Nissan Sunny

Prices aren’t yet revealed but we hope it will be sufficient enough that a common city king may look into buying this one for replacing its existing metal to fulfill his daily routines like, office, schools, weekend trips etc.

DC Designed Nissan Sunny interiors

Lastly, the ‘DC designed Renault Duster’ too was tempting to avoid fraying it away from our sight.

New DC Designed Nissan Sunny

We are eagerly looking forward to other offerings from the stable of DC, as it has trampled its new glitzy ideas going with conventional, really meant to be talked off at every party.

DC Designed Nissan Sunny 2013

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