Porsche Going Young with New Entry Level Launches

We grow older with every day that passes by, but Porsche is going a long way back. Yes, we mean it is become younger day by day. Rather than being a one with a younger heart, this German auto brand is chasing youths with its new entry level launches.

As we learnt yesterday, carmaker had announced it is adding Go Kart to the Porsche Driver’s Selection, which is basically designed for kids aged five years and above. The Go Kart is slated to fulfill crave of adrenaline rush that arises among children during years before the heavily coveted 16th birthday.

“Porsche” the brand name is uttered for holding luxurious yet defining technical responsibilities just at a glance which even the mere Go Kart is not left for an exception. Steel frame, composite wheels, sports bucket seat and low profile inflatable tyres concludes this kid slotted Porsche to a weight of 55 pounds that is built using automaker’s Porsche Intelligence Performance lightweight philosophy.

 Porsche Going Young with New Entry Level Launches

Talking about luxury, it will be dwelled in the niche pigmentations to core. Leather draped steering wheel, the same material coveted steering column, Sport Chrono Package and a long list of extras to fill in the clichés of niche assortment impressively.

Although German bugs doesn’t come cheap at all even if they are smaller. Here the automaker had again flowed in the direction opposite to our expectations, had priced it at $900, quiet efficient than the 911 and all. Children who weighs up to 110 pounds are said to be suitable for its ride; so when you are getting a one for your lad!

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