DC Launches Body Kit for Renault Duster at Rs. 3.49 lakh

“DC”, the word, carries heavy weightage in India and to an extern abroad as well. Some may not find it lucrative when placed on the metal, but most of the audience can go anything for getting that most desirable “DC” moniker on their car. Very exclusively, the DC, Dilip Chhabria, shapes vehicles in such a way that sometimes onlookers can’t rectify even its actual name. That what is called for all its renowned glory, but on our personal instance we too had been compelled by this Indian designer when were given down with its customized Ambassador. Actually, it looked so modernized that we tend to have one in our kitty, but thanks to its old school technical specifications, our superiors have postponed their decision to call for the revamped HM offering.

Over here, it is not a discussion of those long lost arena in the automotive horizon of India, but instead the presently sprouted names like DC gives in a fresh briefing to the obsessed stereotypes looks of Indian tanned vehicles.

DC Design Modifies The Renault Duster
Renault Duster, the best and yet cheapest selling SUV in the world, now thinking a luxury out of the practical interiors, is where the Dilip had launched its body/interior kit for Rs. 3.49 lakh.

On outer, the Duster boasts aggressive appearance at initial stances, where the headlamps are converted in to LED fixtures, projector auxiliary placed above the fog lights, DC branded alloys, and swiftly polished side steps. By numbers, it seems a very small workout, but overall rated tweaks had turned the face of Duster upside down on the knees compelling criteria of looks.

DC Design Modifies The Renault Duster Interior

The car had draped itself in the avatar of matte black paint job, giving out a dusky looks on brief of the luxurious rolling ball.

As said, it is a body kit, so that doesn’t mean DC is restricted only to the outers, but its team too is the quality conscious and inspects whole metal when it comes in their bay, which takes in the complete transformation at their desk, even on interiors as well; and we all know how popular the Chhabria name stands when terms like ‘inside job’ are discussed over a heated coffee discussion.

DC Design Modifies The Renault Duster 2013

To cripple the Renault branding and spark a complete new aura out of the same, is the actual theme of DC here in this Duster. Fragments namely, couple of six-way adjustable captain chairs, foldable tray table, a giant tiltable LCD behind the driver’s seat, wood, chrome and leather draped upholstery, being also thrown by some of the bits on doors, entertainment control in the central panel and many more feature makes it lucrative for appearing at a shimmering Pg3 party. Well, with this DC tagged badge, we ensure ‘guaranteed head-turns’ on the road.

Chalking out with monetary issue, one now has a cool option to replace its chauffeur class with Rolls-Royce-type-luxurious-SUV, which also seems to be a cool looking odd ball on scorching tarmac, making to enjoy an image of the “outstanding” that too without shelling as much as the costs of other big bonk’s starting range.

DC Design Modifies The Renault Dust Back View

Oops, we forget to mention that, the foldable co-driver seat will transform the relevant captain seat into a bed, which users are refrained from the same when they prefer to go with sorts of executive bugs.

The previous offering from DC namely Mahindra XUV 500 and Toyota Innova had proven their worth in the Indian redesigned avatar, but in our opinion this one stands tall amongst all of them, when compared in the pricing arena of those duos.

We are eagerly waiting for the words of Renault, whose officials must have been craving for a one in their kitty, which was previously a cheapest SUV in the world, is now the most affordable yet luxurious cruising yacht on roads.

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