Volvo Cars Opens its First Showroom in Bangalore

Swedish by name, Volvo is tuned finely to become a part of Indian fraternity and to be true the carmaker is on a spree to capture our shores with adorable and yet safest cars on earth.

Only nice curvaceous metals doesn’t seems to be the actual workout for carmakers, but going local with them and entering deep in the veins of specific residents binds to be the automaker at core. Volvo now recognized those underpinnings and too had started working on same, whilst of the latest illustration termed out a new dealership in Gujarat which was inaugurated in December last year.

No stopping even on that, now famous Swedish automaker had opened its first showroom in Bengaluru city, situated at Race Course road and spawned in an area of 7000 sq ft, pelting out a true experience of Scandinavian luxury.

Volvo Car Dealers In Bangalore

The newly inaugurated sales floor is named as Martial Motors Pvt. Ltd. where Mr. Ritesh Reddy and Mr. Saket Talwar are said to be its proud owner. The targeted sales figure of this particular bay is kept at 200 units a year for the floor persons, just likely to be a bit more than the recently opened Gujarat dealership’s decision of 150 units in its first year of operations.

On the overall basis, organization assumes luxury car market of India to be enhanced by 10%-15% in 2013, but they plan to sell a lot of 20,000 vehicles till 2020, which we think might be possible due to their upcoming India spec lined up, and its mass catering product V40 that is slated to launch soon in a couple of months or so.

In addition to the cars, Martial Motors also avail the state-of-the-art tools, equipment and necessary spare parts under their roof, providing a unique purchase experience in itself.

As said, 200 units to be sold in Bangalore for 2013, we are taking cues from the Gujarat paddock to post down the expected price figures of four name plates, which are presently available in India.

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