Deals for the month of May 2011

We are back with the deals going on for the month of May 2011. While the May month is yet to see a new launch yet, there are rumors going around that the Hyundai Verna and the Ford Fiesta, both all new 2011 models, would be launched at around May 11th. Now this news is true or not, only time will tell. For the time being, here are the deals which manufacturers are putting up on offer for this month.

Maruti : The country’s largest car manufacturer is offering heavy discounts on most of its models however they are heavily disguised in the guise of exchange bonuses. Both the F8 as also the K10 versions of the Maruti Alto are now available with a Rs 25,000 and Rs 18,000 discount respectively. Upon trading your current vehicle at the Maruti dealership, Maruti are kind enough to offer an exchange bonus of Rs 11,000. The entire Wagon R range ranks in as a highly practical option in the whole of Maruti lineup. This very capable tall boy is offered with a cash discount of Rs 18k on the LXi variant while the Lx and VXi are eligible for a Rs 13k discount. The LPG variant gets a Rs 10k cut on its price. Moreover trading in your old car would result in an additional benefit of Rs 15k. The upmarket variant of the Alto, the A-Star is being offered with a very good cash discount of Rs 35k. it also gets one of the highest exchange bonus discount at Rs 17k. Since the time of inception of the SX4 diesel, Maruti has been seeing a decline in the demand for the petrol SX4. To curb this insolence, Maruti are offering Rs 40k discount on the petrol engined variant. An exchange bonus of Rs 20k is also offered for this saloon.

Chevrolet : After taking over the number one spot from Toyota, General Motors is certain not to let things go out of control. Their trendy small car, the Chevrolet Beat is now being offered with a free insurance worth Rs 14k while the cash discount reads as Rs 5k. So total of Rs 19k as a discount. Chevrolet Aveo, the company’s slow selling car is being offered with a good Rs 40k discount Good space coupled with ergonomics make this a decent buy. The Chevrolet Optra has been overshadowed by its more illustrious replacement, the Chevrolet Cruze and hence in a bid to revive sales, GM is offering the Chevrolet Optra with a price cut of Rs 27k off its sticker price. This makes it an alluring buy for a customer out for a proper saloon.

Tata : The company is giving it all for their small car, the Tata Nano. As if promotions like the ones in Big Bazaar weren’t enough, they are offering Rs 5k free insurance on this car as also a gold coin weighing 1gm and worth Rs 2,200 to all the Tata Nano purchasers. The world’s first sub 4 meter sedan, the Tata Indigo E-cs is now being offered with goodies that would have otherwise added up to the total cost of this vehicle.  Accessories such as mud flaps, sun films and mats are being offered as complementary by the company. Mind you, these aren’t dealer discounts and hence you can certainly bargain for more. The Indigo E-cs is one of the most comfortable sedans in its class.

Hyundai :
India’s largest exporter of cars, Hyundai is now all stacked up to release its all new Verna on the Indian soil. However to move stocks of the older Verna faster, the company is offering it with a discount of Rs 20k on all the variants. The Verna is a very competent performer however its successor is said to be even more powerful and efficient. If you prefer not to wait, then the Verna should be the right choice for you. The company’s smallest car offering, the Hyundai Santro is being offered with an exchange bonus of Rs 10k. If this is your first car or not (most likely it would be), then you would get a Rs 12k free insurance cover. All these price cuts make it a tempting deal for a first time car buyer.

Ford : Gearing up for the launch of the all new Ford Fiesta, the company is offering no cash discounts on its widely acclaimed and best seller, the Ford Figo. However the company is offering an extended warranty for free plus an accessory package worth Rs 4k absolutely free to all the new buyers of Ford Figo. That is called as “having your cake and eating it too”. This deal is across the range however unfortunately, other than dealer level discounts, the old Fiesta or rather the Classic is not offered with any discounts.

Honda :
The only unsuccessful model in Honda’s Indian lineup, the Honda Jazz has been whiling away its time in most of the dealerships. Moreover Honda has faced a severe production loss as also a dip in its sales chart last month. To spruce up the sales of the Jazz, Honda have announced a Rs 20k discount on the Jazz Select variant and moreover is offering free first year insurance worth Rs 22k on all the models. Honda needs to understand that the Jazz desperately begs for a higher price cut and also a diesel engine to make it more tempting.

Nissan : The company have seen a big slump in its sales for the month of April with sales of even its small car, the Micra being affected big time. Free insurance is being offered with the petrol variant which otherwise would have cost its buyer a cool Rs 16k. Moreover, additional warranty is also being offered for free which otherwise costs Rs 5k. The diesel model doesn’t get any price cuts though.

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