Audi India Post Record Growth of 98% in April

Audi recently reported a growth of 98% in April. The luxury carmaker managed to sell 375 cars as against the 189 cars they sold in the same month last year. They also sold 1986 cars from January to April, which is an impressive 105% growth in comparison to the same period in 2010, when they sold 967 cars.

The head of Audi India, Michael Perschke, said that their positive growth impetus in India is because of their customer approach along with the expansion of their dealer network and their upgraded product line up. They will continue to offer products which feature progressive technology and dynamic design, which goes with their brand objective.

They are currently getting ready to launch their new Audi A7 Sportback which is their design marvel. It will be followed by their new Audi A6 which debut later in the year. He also added that they are confident that 2011 will be a defining year for their brand in India.

The company recently began an aggressive strategy for product expansion this year by launching their new series of models like their Audi A8 L and their super sport models, Q5 2.0 TDI, the RS Spyder and the R8 V10. Audi is consistently leading the SUV luxury market in India with their Q7 and Q5 models and the iconic R8 in the sports car market.

Audi has also recorded their best ever first quarter results in their company’s history in global markets. They delivered 3,12,600 cars in the first quarter in comparision to the 2,64,017 cars they sold in 2010. They sold a total of 18.4% more cars globally compared to the first quarter of 2010. They also witnessed near double-digit growth rates in most regions.

Michael added that in their Chinese market, they achieved a very remarkable growth of 24.6% for the first quarter of 2011, following the impressive results they witnessed in the same quarter last year.

Audi has continued to maintain its leading position in its Chinese and European markets. They also managed to become one of the fastest rising luxury brands in their Indian and American markets. The brand already has showrooms in Chennai and Delhi, with another one opening soon in Ludhiana.

In 2010, the company also launched showrooms in Kolkata, Bangalore, Jaipur and Mumbai West. The company plans on strengthening their dealer’s network in India. The current Audi lineup in India includes the Audi A6, the Audi A4, the Audi Q5, Audi Q7, Audi R8 and the R8 Spyder. These models are available across India, in a number of states.

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