Details of Tata Nano Diesel Engine Emerges

The term diesel brings in a big gleam on the face of Indian audience, all thanks to its low running cost and high fuel efficiency.

The marketing case with Tata Nano seems not be that much successful as much as they had thought of, so to take another chance and barging in the fraternity, Tata is preparing 800cc diesel variant for Nano.

At this point, one may say that, the Indian carmaker already boasts the same 800 capacity oil burner in Ace Dicor than what’s the difference in Nano-tic expansion, yes that’s where our answer stands, and the difference is “turbocharger”. Well it is not being said by us, but the Garrett website claims all such temptations. More to it, the peak power of 40 hp @ 4000 RPM and 60 Nm of torque feel sufficient to make lucrative rounds around the city without even shedding heavy bucks from our pocket.

Tata Nano Diesel
As we all know Nano is the “world’s cheapest car”, we expect another tagging to tied around it when it will make debut in diesel avatar, any guesses, well let us only tell you, it may be called as the ‘most fuel efficient car in India’ with speculated efficiency ratings of around 30kmpl from the guise.

Expected to be priced at a premium board of Rs. 75,000 than the siblings in horizon, Tata Nano Diesel will strongly draw sales towards itself, where the present 624cc petrol tends to be insufficient underneath hoods, comparison maybe in terms of power or anything else on technicalities.

Lest of that a bit long forecasting, the nearby event slates launch of CNG version in the present scenario, which may be a suitable step to inch space in warehouse for the upcoming diesel inventories in near future.

There is no factor to get disappointed, as some of the spy eyes in auto fraternity had spied testing both the variants in India, so can be said, roll-out is soon going to happen in the coming months or so.

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